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Dinner and night in Baghdad. Just after Baghdad, visit of Ctesiphon. Dinner and night in Nasiriyah. Morning departure to this most symbolic of cities: This timeless city saw the rise and fall of prestigious dynasties, but owes its fame primarily to the biblical tradition which claims it as the home of the patriarch Abraham. Ur was protected by the Euphrates to the west and by a channel to the east which led to two ports because at that time the city was on the edge of the waters of the Persian Gulf. The infrastructures bear witness to an extremely busy port which enabled traders to enjoy successful business arrangements with Dilmun today’s Bahrain and Magan today’s Oman.

Tower of Babel

My witness Dating of ancient tents compared to the Book of Mormon claims The Book of Mormon claims that tents were used by the people as early as the Tower of Babel. Evidence of tent use during the same time frame that is claimed by the Book of Mormon has been radiocarbon dated in the Americas. Depending on when the journey of the Jaredites took place, it is possible that tents were already in use in the Americas at the time that they arrived.

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The Location of Shinar and Its Relevance for Dating the Tower of Babel Although there is a question whether or not the word Shinar is related to the word Sumer, 1 there is no question that the land of Shinar is distinguished from.

The Tower of Babel: Just a Bible Story? Is this classic account limited only to Genesis? Jewish and Christian children grow up familiar with the story. Some believe it to be historically accurate; others believe it to be myth—just an odd biblical story invented long after the fact by a small civilization on the edge of the Mediterranean. A literal reading of the biblical account means that all humanity now in existence came from those eight people within the ark who survived the Flood.

If this is true, then traditions of a great flood ought to be found among populations all over the world. This is indeed the case—ancient tracts dating back as much as 4, years record the Flood, as well as various stories and traditions preserved from the Middle East to China, Africa to the Pacific, Scandinavia to the Americas. Yet what about the story of the tower of Babel and confusion of the languages? This occurred not many generations after the Flood.

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Dating about B. Babylonian and Chaldean tablets dating from – B. Discoveries dating material from years ago indicate a knowledge of the zodiac in Arabia. Today, because the astronomical names are now fixed by convention, it is very difficult to find some original names and meanings. Some appear to be lost for good.

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Traveling westward, the people set forth until they came to the plain that they decided to call home. Babel- More Than Just a Tower The Biblical account seems to indicate something more than just the building of a tower and a city: The implication is that the people at Babel possessed tremendous knowledge. I dare say the ziggurats and cities at Babylon and Ur reflect nothing of what these people were capable of.

What could this mean? What were they capable of doing? But there is evidence that man after the flood possessed tremendous knowledge. I suspect that,- and this is just my opinion-, had the people remained united and of one language, with the pre-flood knowledge that they possessed, they would have reached a level of technological advancement in just a matter of years that is equal to that which we have only reached in the last or so years. When Ron found the anchor stones in the village in the area of the ark, there was one that has especially intrigued him.

Below one of the large crosses is carved a crude picture of a structure which clearly is meant to represent a tower- see photo at left. The crudeness of the drawing indicates that it was not carved at the time the crosses were placed on the stone and he theorized that it was perhaps a representation of the tower of Babel. No ziggurat has ever been found in Turkey, so it was rather a surprise to find this. Although based on theory, Ron concluded that perhaps the Babel tower had been built with this design- instead of steps ascending upward, it had a ramp which spiraled around the structure upward.


We are not told how old he was when he fled to Haran nor given his age when any of his children are born. It is possible, however, to work out when Joseph was born. We are told Joseph was 30 when he was appointed over the land of Egypt Genesis

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It is the parenthesis that fills verses It comes in the middle of the table of nations and, in a sense, interrupts it. These verses deal, not with the general movements of peoples and nations, but with one particular descendant of Cush, Nimrod, who is said to have been the founder of the first world empire. Here is the first place in the Bible where the word “kingdom” occurs.

Significantly, it is used, not of God’s kingdom as it is later , but of this first rival kingdom of Nimrod. This matter was obviously of great importance to Moses, for a related parenthesis occurs in the first nine verses of chapter 11, in the story of the tower of Babel. What is so significant about Nimrod? The fact that he established cities and built a kingdom is important, of course. But there is much more that can be said. Nimrod was the first person to become a “mighty” man.

Our text calls attention to this by using the adjective “mighty” three times in describing him: The adjective also occurs in a similar way in 1 Chronicles 1:

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Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And sons were born to them after the flood. The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah.

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Gelb suggested in that the name Babil is in reference to an earlier city name, [12] and Joan Oates claims in her book Babylon that the rendering Gateway of the gods is no longer accepted by modern scholars. David Rohl holds that the original Babylon is to be identified with Eridu. In the Bible , the name appears as Babel Hebrew: The site at Babylon consists of a number of mounds covering an area of about 2 by 1 kilometer 1. Originally, the river roughly bisected the city, but the course of the river has since shifted so that most of the remains of the former western part of the city are now inundated.

Some portions of the city wall to the west of the river also remain. Kasr—also called Palace or Castle, it is the location of the Neo-Babylonian ziggurat Etemenanki and lies in the center of the site. It is the site of Esagila , a temple of Marduk which also contained shrines to Ea and Nabu. Most of the Hellenistic remains are here. Its bricks have been subject to looting since ancient times. It held a palace built by Nebuchadnezzar.

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The story begins in the southern region of ancient Mesopotamia where 30 massive structures have been discovered that archeologists describe as towers of worship. These huge structures resemble flat top pyramids and were masterfully constructed of bricks made of clay. These buildings had stairs and ramps leading to the highest elevation where a platform was built for the worship of idols.

These temples have been identified as ziggurats. They were designed with equal sides representing the shape of a square.

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With this article, I hope to answer some of those questions, although as you will see, we cannot be very accurate with these dates. As Christians who believe in the Bible, of course we think the events of the Bible happened just as the Bible records them. I cannot speak for all old earth believers, but generally, we accept a literal reading of Genesis, and the existence of the Garden of Eden, the Flood of Noah local, but universal in effect , and the story of the Tower of Babel, and others that we need not consider.

The Last Common Denominator Young earth creation science claims that the world is 6, years old, therefore they would say the events in Genesis happened less than 6, years ago. We will start with the last common denominator, and work our way back to the Garden of Eden. There is no way to know for certain what the proper age is for any of these events, but we can make certain speculations about the age. For instance, for many years, scientists thought that the first humans in North America ventured here via a land bridge between Russia and Alaska about 13, years ago.

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October 1, Getty Images Every profession has its in-group ways of using language, but not every profession requires native speakers of many different languages to communicate with each other every day. The European Union requires just this, and the people who work there, hashing out, drafting, and translating documents use English in a very particular way. Because documents in the EU influence the way other documents are drafted as well as the way discussions proceed, the unusual vocabulary items tend to spread around until they are part of the general professional jargon.

Here are 11 examples of words used in EU documents in an odd new way. Without further precisions, this could lead to support for poorly justified financial instruments.

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German Late Medieval c. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. The original derivation of the name Babel also the Hebrew name for Babylon is uncertain, but it may come from bab-ilum, meaning “gate of God. Etiologies are narratives that explain the origin of a custom, ritual, geographical feature, name, or other phenomenon.

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