Paul Soriano denies rumored “affair” with Erich Gonzales: “No truth to that”

The news broke out last week when Danrich fans noticed that Erich had deleted all her photos with Danrich on her Instagram account. She also disabled the comments on her page so the fans were left inquiring about the status of their relationship from Daniel Matsunaga instead. Danrich answered in a series of comments that he and Erich were going through a rough patch but they were trying to talk it out and they needed their fans support instead of negative bashing comments. When asked whether there was a third party involved, Daniel was quick to deny it. He and Erich respected each other and that she would always be special to him. She admitted to deleting their pictures together on her Instagram account and said that she and clarified that there was no third party involved. She also added that she and Daniel were not talking, they were no longer friends and that she was just trying to move on with her life.

Erich Gonzales on Coco Martin: He’s very intense!

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Erich Gonzales is an actress. She began her career at the age of fourteen, at this age she has joined Star Circle Quest, it’s a reality talent search Of Birth: Philippines.

The year-old actress recounted how she met the guy whom she refused to name during an art exhibit of her sister who happens to be a painter in Japan. Painter siya doon and matagal na itong naka block-off sa schedule ko kasi walang time at all but ito. Thankful talaga ako sa The Blood Sisters kasi pinayagan talaga nila ako kahit two days lang. My sister invited him also so he followed. Instagram Erich said that she is very open to the public about everything that is happening in her life.

The rumor about her having a new suitor started when a snap circulated on social media. Instagram Erich shared that the guy has been supportive to her knowing that she is very busy with her career. Despite having lots of commitment in showbiz, the actress revealed that if the perfect time would come and she is no longer tied with her hectic schedule and projects, then she would be willing to commit on a new relationship. Erich Gonzales confirms non-showbiz suitor. Businessman and they met April last year.

What is your message for her now that she is planning to enter into a new relationship on the future? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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After winning Star Circle Quest , she changed her last name from Gancayco to Gonzales, her mother’s maiden name, for a more fitting screen name. Erich became a familiar face as she appeared in numerous shows and dramas as a supporting actress, such as Dorina in the hit phenomenon TV series Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit. She then showed her versatility in acting when she played Camille in the drama series Sana Maulit Muli [2] opposite to Gerald Anderson with Kim Chiu as the supporting cast and antagonist later in the end became kind throughout every episode.

Sep 21,  · Erich also clarified that she has already moved on from her past relationship with Daniel and she is now focusing on the new chapter of her life. “Nag-close na .

How Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga became an item ‘I can see a hundred years down the road,’ Daniel says of the relationship Published Daniel Matsunaga says he did not court Erich Gonzales immediately after she broke up with her boyfriend. Their relationship bloomed sometime in April. Daniel Matsunaga opens up about relationship with Erich Gonzales “My first impression of Erich was syempre, maganda and mabait.

Different talaga yung taping na ginawa namin doon sa Palawan from doon sa studio. Parang I felt mas comfortable ako,” he said.

Arci Muñoz nahuhulog na ang loob sa dating BF ni Erich Gonzales

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Luis Fernando also undergoes a personality transformation: He starts to suspect Soraya is not pregnant, so she brings another pregnancy test.

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LOOK: Daniel Matsunaga dating Polish model

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Jun 04,  · (READ: Daniel Matsunaga confirms he and Erich Gonzales are dating) Media personality Kris Aquino, Erich’s good friend, confirmed that Erich broke up with her longtime boyfriend last April.

BloggerSociety Wednesday, September 19, 0 Comments Erich Gonzales’ latest photo surprises many people on social media. Every one of us wants to be happy. We want to do the things that can make us enjoy our life in the ways that we know. But for some, they sometimes feel that there is something that is missing in their life even if they are doing everything that can make them happy.

It feels like they need someone who they can also share all the good things that they have now and share every memory with them. Someone who will be there for them all throughout everything.

Erich Gonzales and “mystery guy” spotted at the airport

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May 25,  · Daniel Matsunaga has broken his silence on rumors spreading on social media that his present Polish girlfriend, Karolina Pisarek, looks like his ex-girlfriend Erich Gonzales.

Wednesday, May 13, by CEnterTechNews Team After being mummed for weeks on the speculations of his relationship with Erich Gonzales, actor-model Daniel Matsunaga had finally broke his silence and admitted the truth. He and the actress are officially a couple. In the middle of the collage is a screen shot of a post from Vanessa Pianera asking if the actor is together in a relationship with Gonzales. Matsunaga clearly answered yes. The collage had a caption saying that the follower could not help but post the collage and repeated that Matsunaga had answered yes to the straight forward question.

Though it is not clear if the two are just exclusively dating or already in a serious relationship, the two had been posting their photos together in their respective Instagram accounts. It was also not clear when did Gonzales broke up with her non-showbiz boyfriend of four years but it was Kris Aquino who had confirmed that news that Gonzales was no longer in a relationship.

Then rumors of Matsunaga dating Gonzales had surfaced after their photos had been put up in their social media accounts. The two spent together a weekend in Hong Kong.

Does Daniel Matsunaga’s Stunning Girlfriend Look Like Erich Gonzales?

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Jul 12,  · Daniel Kenji Matsunaga (born November 28, ) or simply Daniel Matsunaga is a Brazilian-Japanese model, host, taekwondoin, footballer, .

Isa sa pinakamalaking bansa sa mundo ang China. Matatandaang nahuli niya ang puso hindi lamang ng mga judges kung hindi maging ng masa. Hindi lamang dahil sa kanyang ganda kundi sa kanyang pag-arte. Si Erich na yata ang may pinakamagandang mukha kapag umiiyak. Iyong tipo na kahit nakatawa ay tumutulo ang luha sa mga mata na tila gripong inaagusan ng tubig. Doon nagsimula ang sunod-sunod na proyekto ng magka-loveteam na nabigyan pa ng pelikulang tunay na tumatak sa puso ng masa—ang I Do.

Sunod-sunod din ang naging teleseye ni Erich. Ayon sa dalawa ay naging sila lamang matapos mag-break ni Erich at ng kanyang longtime non-showbiz boyfriend pero hindi nito napigilan ang mga ismid at pagtataas ng kilay ng mga netizens.

Na-trauma ba si Daniel Matsunaga sa dating relasyon nila nina Erich Gonzales?

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m Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Erich Gonzales (@erichgg).

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Erich Gonzales for Katorse

A photo had recently went viral from the social networking site account of the actress, specifically, Instagram. On the photo Jericho on his black bike and her riding at the back part. Now, the people of the social media community were in puzzle for they were reportedly dating. The actress has been abuzz after split with former boyfriend for she grew more stunning and beautiful with her toned body.

Apr 03,  · ERICH GONZALES – Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales said something about her breakup with Brazilian-Japanese actor-model Daniel Matsunaga. One of the controversial celebrity breakups is the split of actor-model Daniel Matsunaga and actress Erich Gonzales.

While Erich has admitted that she is now single, previous events prior to her admission have caused some close friends to worry about her true emotional state, which they believe is vulnerable. For several years, Erich has been mum about her non-showbiz boyfriend, which was a decision that was respected by her fans and her network then. Since she kept him away from the limelight, he did his part as an understanding boyfriend.

His friends respected his decision and treated Erich with much respect. Sometime ago, the now ex-boyfriend gifted Erich with a European trip. While traveling brings out the worse from companions, the love of the ex-boyfriend overwhelmed whatever shortcomings Erich exhibited. The ex-boyfriend even helped her establish three restaurants, and the staff only has kind words for him.

The ex-boyfriend is nice, decent, respectful, and understanding. His looks could put several hunk actors to shame. According to a reliable source, something was already happening between Daniel and Erich while they were taping for Two Wives. This incident translated to certain changes in Erich, such as going out with her friends and Daniel even if she did not have taping.

Third-Party Involvement?? Erich Gonzales Reveals the Truth